At MIAA Beauty Institute, we believe in ​making quality education accessible ​without burdening students with the ​weight of loans. Our commitment to ​affordability and financial transparency ​ensures that you can pursue your passion ​for beauty without the worry of ​accumulating debt. Explore the financial ​resources we offer to support your journey ​towards a debt-free education.

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Payment ​Plans for All ​Programs

MIAA Beauty Institute offers flexible payment plans for all our programs, ​allowing you to manage your expenses effectively.


These scholarships aim to alleviate the financial burden and support those ​who demonstrate exceptional commitment to their education and craft.

NO Student ​Loans

At MIAA Beauty Institute, we firmly believe in a debt-free education. ​Therefore, we do not offer student loans. Our tuition is amongst the lowest in ​the county, ensuring that you can graduate without the weight of student ​loans


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