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At MIAA Beauty Institute, we empower our ​students with invaluable resources to amplify ​their learning journey. Enjoy access to our ​facilities, ensuring hands-on experience and skill ​mastery. Our commitment extends beyond the ​classroom, offering a fully loaded digital learning ​tablet for each student, fostering convenience ​and enhancing educational engagement

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Free Salon Space for 30 Days

Upon graduation, MIAA Beauty Institute extends a unique opportunity ​to our graduates – the chance to utilize our salon facilities for up to 30 ​days, at no additional cost. This invaluable resource allows you to hone ​your skills, build your clientele, and transition seamlessly into the ​professional beauty industry.

Fully Loaded Digital Learning Tablet

To enhance your learning experience, each student at MIAA Beauty ​Institute receives a fully loaded digital learning tablet as part of our ​commitment to accessible and advanced education. Your tablet is pre-​loaded with course materials, educational resources, and tools to ​support your studies. The tablet is yours to keep, ensuring you have a ​valuable resource at your fingertips even after you graduate.

Employer Readiness Initiatives

We understand the importance of not just education but also being ​well-prepared for the workforce. From resume-building workshops to ​mock interviews, we provide practical resources that go beyond the ​classroom, preparing you for success in the competitive job market.

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